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The Red Hot Wicked Exhibition originated at Studio C Gallery, located within the Santa Fe Art Colony, in Los Angeles California. ( 2011 - 2018 )  

The Red Hot Wicked Exhibitions were one of our most popular, that became an annual event around Valentine’s Day.

Things happened… gentrification, a pandemic. From that fall-out, Studio C Gallery has recently become an online gallery.  


The Red Hot Wicked Online Exhibition is our first online exhibition debut. 


We are all in need of a little love these days! The intention of this exhibit has been to seek a visual expression of feminine sensuality, passion, humor, the lover, symbols of love, the erotic and more. The Red Hot Wicked exhibition is a celebration in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. It’s time to be a bit naughty!  It is a great time to unleash unabashed joy in play, fantasy or dreams.. whatever summons our muse, Aphrodite.  She is the uninhibited, gracious, unpredictable spirit that lives within us. Let us be engulfed by the deliciousness of love. Enjoy the extraordinary artwork of these 41 artists, whose work infuses the power of love.  Brava my Sisters!


Please visit us bi-monthly, on our Studio C Gallery Artists Post Blog. It is a blog with featured posts about artists and their work.


Monotype; 10 x 10 inches


'Disabled Dames-Amy’
Gouache, on paper, 8 x 6 inches

Just Dont! Mixxed Media on canvas 36x48. LESLIE A BROWN.jpg

"Just Don't" 
mixed media on canvas, 48 x 36 inches

Trine Churchill, In the Intoxicating CompanyofSisters

"In the Intoxication Company of Sisters" 
acrylic & oil on canvas, 40 x 30 inches