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Theodosia Marchant, an artist who explores life thru the abstract form...

Theodosia Marchant's paintings study life. Life constructed by emotions of all shades; light, dark and the quiet shadow of their absence. Intricate or simple. Her subjects, the protagonists express them, alive in their own moment. In her subjects, Theodosia aims to to express a universal language that remains timeless and incorruptible.

'Cyclone X', acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30 inches


Theodosia Marchant (b.1978 Athens, Greece) is a Los Angeles based figurative artist. She studied law in London, and obtained a Bachelor and Masters in Law. She practiced as a UK and EU registered attorney for a number of years before relocating in 2013 to Los Angeles with her partner. In 2019 she had two solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, Domestic Animals | Life in 16 Frames (Fathom Gallery) and The World of Others (Gallery 825). Selected group exhibitions include I of LA (Mash Gallery, 2020), Powerhouse with Patti Astor (Shockboxx Project, 2019), Out There (Gallery 825+City of West Hollywood, 2019), LA Art Show (bG Gallery 2019), Pulse of LA (SoLA Gallery, 2018), Red Hot Wicked (Studio C Gallery, 2018), Bunk (Gallery 825, 2018), Lost at Sea (FOLD Gallery, 2017), Monsters (Haight Gallery, SF, 2016). In 2020 she helped co-curate and jury the figurative group show Go Figure (Shockboxx Project, 2020).

'Cyclone IV', acrylic and 18k gold leaf on canvas, 48 x 36 inches

'Orgy', acrylic on canvas, 36 x 48 inches ~ Shown at the Red Hot Wicked Exhibition ~ Studio C Gallery 2018 Los Angeles, CA.

Theodosia Marchant, in her studio

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