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Miki Yokoyama, an artist who sees all existence as a single great dance of matter and energy...

'Meeting Yourself', acrylic and acrylic pen on canvas, 23 x 30 inches

"I see all of existence as a single great dance of matter and energy. Ever-flowing, our forms are made, unmade, and then remade in a flash. Through lines and organic forms, I share this vision of life as an interconnected and constantly changing experience. Whether through canvas, mural, body art, or art objects, I aim to create work that is accessible to all, and leaves viewers with some of the wonder, beauty, and awe that I live my own life with. I believe that the purpose of making art is to convey the beauty of every human being and all the existence beyond race, skin color, gender, and language. I believe that art is universal beauty that can be transmitted through time and space. Essentially, each of us

understands, feels and sympathizes with the beauty of all humans and all living beings, if we choose to. I want to share this feeling and my belief with all the people. Because it’s our instinct to feel the beauty, to feel art. I want to make art which has universal beauty. The art which make us feel infinity."

'Moons', acrylic and acrylic pen on canvas, 24 x 30 inches

Born in Fukushima, Japan, and currently residing in Los Angeles, Miki Yokoyama is an autodidact working across multiple mediums including canvas, objet art, murals, and live performance. As she explores themes of life, death, and transformation, she shares her vision of the universe as a transient, interconnected experience ripe with the potential for beauty, discovery, and rebirth. Miki’s work and collaborations with fellow artists have been exhibited at locations including the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, the San Diego Art Institute, the World Art Day Gala, and the Italian Consulate General’s residence in Osaka, Japan. She has created murals that can be seen at locations across Los Angeles as well as in Japan.

'The First Time I Met Stairs', acrylic and acrylic pen on canvas, 18.5 x 40 inches

'Immortal Life', ink on canvas, 28 x 56 inches

Miki Yokoyama, in her studio.

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