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Lucie Hinden, an artist, who's work focuses on the world of patterns, rhythm and mystery...

'Threading My Way', acrylic, fabric and paper collage on wood panel, 8 x 8 inches

"I work with acrylics and collage, creating works on canvas with layering, overlapping, and patterning. My work has a combination of graphic and soft edges, representational elements and abstraction, organic and geometric shapes.

In my artwork of the past 20 years, the common theme is the tension between what is fragile, unexpected or uncontrollable, and that which is constructed and planned out. Even though the focus is on what is ephemeral, the artist’s hand can give it solidity and make it last. Art (as opposed to life) allows me the possibility of creating a space where the unpredictable can be shaped.

In a series of 36” x 36” works, I cover the surfaces with translucent and opaque shapes and colors. The inspiration can come from a detail of something I see during my travels or from an imagined interior landscape. They are solidly depicted with horizontal bands of lines or shapes, but within or behind many of these bands there is a translucent, delicate and sometimes ghostlike quality. Something disappears underneath, something seems to vanish or disintegrate.

I recently did a series of 20” x 20” pieces in which I dyed Japanese papers and created grid paintings which combine them in unexpected ways. Once again, my interest is in giving some kind of solidity to delicate materials. Currently, I am working on a 20” x 20” series that reflects my emotions during this tumultuous beginning of the year 2020.

Whatever the initial inspiration may be, I focus on what is revealed in the spaces created by the connections and intersections. The viewer is drawn into a world of patterns, rhythm and mystery, into intricate shapes within shapes. I am open to exploring new techniques as my art evolves, but I suspect that color and pattern will remain central elements in my work. The interplay of chance and purpose, between the impermanent and the solid, will continue to be a preoccupation reflected in my work."

'Seeing Red', acrylic and collage on canvas, 20 x 20 inches

"I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We moved to LA when I started high school.

In college, I majored in French literature and minored in Art History. After spending my junior year in Paris surrounded by the works I had only seen as reproductions in books, I knew that art would play an important role in my life.

I taught French and Spanish for 35 years at the high school level. In the advanced classes, I always particularly enjoyed teaching a unit on French or Spanish art history.

In LA, I studied art for over 12 years with Ilana Bloch in whose studio I met stimulating and like minded artists. I am a member of Women Painter's West, JAI and Los Angeles Art Association. I have exhibited in many shows over the past decade, receiving awards on several occasions."

'Luxe, Calme', acrylic and collage on canvas, 20 x 20 inches

'Illumination', acrylic and collage on canvas, 20 x 20 inches

Lucie Hinden working in her studio.

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