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Jeremy Long, an artist whose work focuses on the quality of light and the geometry of space...

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

'Tackling the problems of creating paintings as spatial worlds rather then mere images is of interest to me. This can also be thought of as advocating thoughtfulness over excitement, or poetic meaning over novelty.

The quality of light, the visceral geometry of space in depth and as a pattern on the surface in the paintings reinforces these concerns. Painting that is based on conviction and perpetual doubt is also of interest to me. The goal as I see it is to on one hand create an ordered, harmonious vision and on the other hand to understand that everything seen is relative.'

'Colleen and Lila Study', oil on canvas, 30 x 22 inches.

'Large Study #1', Oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches, 'Study #6', oil on canvas,18 x 24 inches, 'Family Group with Still Life', oil on canvas,72 x 96 inches.

Jeremy Long was born in Chicago, IL. Long studied at the Chicago Academy for the Arts. The Visual Arts program at CAA was stepped in strong foundational techniques. After graduating, Long went on to attend the Kansas City Art Institute. Here he studied with notable teachers as Wilbur Niewald and Lester Goldman. Working his way through college Long spent several summers at the Chautauqua School of Art, where he painted the landscape with Stanley Lewis. It is here that Long met his wife the artist Colleen Kelsey. Long went on to receive his MFA at American University. Today he lives with his family in Dayton, OH where he is an Associate Professor teaching painting and drawing at Wright State University. Long’s dedication to the craft of painting is only matched in intensity in his pursuit of painting ideas.

'Large Study #7', oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches.

'Emerson Study', oil on canvas, 19 x 22 inches, 'Self Portrait in grey shirt', oil on canvas, 8 x 7 inches, 'Large Study #3', oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches.

'Study #7', oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches.

'Study #8', oil on canvas, 17 x 22 inches, 'Still Life Study', oil on canvas, 13 x 14 inches, 'Study #4', oil on canvas, 13 x 18 inches.

'Drawing study for large painting, 'Study #7'

Jeremy Long, in his studio.

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