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Fahren Feingold, an artist who's work 'captures the space where ethereal meets the erotic'...

Fahren Feingold: Touted as “a trailblazing artist on a meteoric rise” by Vogue Arabia, Fahren Feingold’s watercolors have steadily gained recognition from collectors and critics alike for their sensitive, dreamlike colors, graceful brush stokes and rendition of the female nude.

Vice Creators praised her work, stating, “Feingold’s watercolors appear to swim on paper. Her figures bloom and radiate

with ethereal energy, and the occasional splash of bright colors imbues them with life.”

Forbes declared in an interview with the artist, “She’s all about girl power. Feingold wants to empower and question wider issues, such as female constructs within the contemporary landscape.

V Magazine noted her as a “particular standout", while the Huffington Post said, “Fahren Feingold captures the space where the ethereal meets the erotic… Her artwork is an attempt to undo the

centuries of censorship, shaming and patriarchal politics that clouds the simple beauty of a naked body.”

Feingold gives new voices to women of the past and present while exploring larger notions

of female constructs in contemporary society. Her palette of bright pastels and soft colors invites

the viewer to step inside her dreamlike world.

'THE SECRET LIFE OF BIRDS', watercolor on paper

'FALL INTO THE SUN LUV', watercolor on paper

Feingold’s artwork has been featured in numerous international exhibitions including a number of solo and group exhibitions with The Untitled Space Gallery.

Notable exhibitions include “Take Home A Nude” at Sotheby’s New York, “Moving Kate,” curated by Nick Knight for SHOWStudio in

London and The Mass in Tokyo; “The Vulgar” at The Barbican in London, curated by Judith Clark and Adam Phillips and “Red Hot Wicked” at Studio C Gallery in Los Angeles, and solo show

“The Peep Show” presented in collaboration with Fleur Du Mal.

Her work has been featured in The Untitled Space group shows “Art4Equality”, “BODY BEAUTIFUL”, “IRL: Investigating Reality”,


Her work has additionally been featured with The Untitled

Space at art fairs including SPRING/BREAK Art Show special projects “(HOTEL) XX” and “EDEN”, SCOPE Miami and AQUA Art Show.

'VIRGO', watercolor on paper

'SUPERIOR EMOTIONS', watercolor on paper

'IT ME YOU', watercolor on paper

'IDLE I DUNNO', watercolor on paper

'COUGARS, PUMAS & PUSSYS, OH MY', watercolor on paper


'HALLUCINOGENIC HEARTBEATS', watercolor on paper

'BUTTERFLY KISSES', watercolor one paper

Fahren Feingold, in her studio.

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