• Peggy Nichols

Artist's Post - Jerielyn Mao

"Safe Haven"; mixed media on paper and digital editing; 9" x 7"

Jerielyn Mao is an award-winning Taiwanese-American mixed-media artist and illustrator, residing primarily in Los Angeles. She studied animation at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York, and later majored in Illustration with a minor in Fine Art and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California.

"Dan of the Peking Opera" (2016); mixed media on paper; 10" x 7.5"

"My works for the past several years have often involved the theme of flowers. I think flowers to me as well as to many others symbolize life, joy, and beauty. The specific state of a flower also elicits certain emotions."

"Jupiter Rising"; mixed media on paper; 6" x 7.7"

Artist's Statement:

Stylistically, Jerielyn enjoys creating both abstract as well as representational works of art, often times synthesizing the two worlds together. Her sense of aesthetics is centered on the processes and conditions of the ethereal, while at times also celebrating the raw and unconventional.

Subject-wise, Jerielyn is most interested in evoking the metaphysical, delineating the real within the surreal, and sometimes, revealing beauty within the grotesque.

One of Jerielyn's objectives as an artist is to generate works that would lead the audience to hopefully empathize with what they have yet to experience personally. Her work frequently challenges viewers to question whether they find what they see to be appealing to the eye or mind, and why. It invites them to discover something heart-felt within her constructs.

More of Jerielyn's works can be viewed on her website: