• Peggy Nichols

Artist's Post -- Hanneke Naterop

Hanneke Naterop’s artwork is primarily figurative. She occasionally includes landscape or animals as her subject matter. She ponders on the complexity of what she observes. Her quest is to carefully observe and translate the quality of reflective light, color, texture and atmosphere into her paintings. She works in oil and in pastel.

Naterop was born in Oss, which is the Netherlands. She attended art school, the Academie Voor Beedldende Vorming, in Tilburg. She graduated in 1990. Since graduating she acquires many commissions.

She has exhibited in Perth, Australia, The Arena Gallery in Amsterdam, Morren Galleries, Utrecht, Ahoy Rotterdam in 2012, St. Petersburg in 2013, Studio C Gallery, Los Angeles, California in 2014 , Barcelona ns Rovereto, Italy in 2016. In 2013, Naterop participated in the popular Dutch TV Show, ‘Sterren Op Het Doek.’

Naterop’s favorite quote:

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance” -- Aristotle

Tripych on an antique Spanish door. 30 x 180 cm. Inspired by a visit to the Kröller-Müller Museum.

"Behind the Glass" -- Oil on wood; arranged behind an antique Spanish window; 40 x 90 cm.

Artist's Statement:

"I paint what moves me and what makes me feel happy. Some of the things that I find compelling and study are rich structures, dynamic shapes from nature, fashion or architecture and people. I often use models, friends or family as my subject matter. I bring them together, in an image, to create a story. I particularly like objects that have history."

"Drowned Land" -- 40 x 130 cm; oil on an antique Spanish door; first panel of 3.

"At the moment, I have used antique Spanish doors and windows to paint on. Every door has a specific story. The painting, ‘Behind the Glass’ is a story about myself. I am currently working on a painting with dancers that is personal to me. ‘Kroller-Muller Park’ is a painting about an afternoon in a beautiful park. ‘Drowned Land’ is a about a café which has a magical historical interior. My subject matter is varied. Each painting that I do expresses what I see around me and how it inspires me."

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