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Artist's Post -- Carolin Peters

Hi, I'm Carolin

I'm an artist, teacher, and meaning seeker.

"The Message"; oil on canvas; 48" x 59"

In my artwork I combine my love for nature, introspection and image making. I also enjoy nerding out about anatomy and fancy art supplies. 

"Summoned"(triptych); oil on canvas

In 2018 I opened Cura Studios because when creatives get together to socialize, work and study together magic happens. I  believe artists are drivers of change and nurturers of human resilience and I want to do my part to support them.

"Audience" (triptych); oil on canvas; 36" x 80"

"Episteme"; oil on canvas; 49.5" x 45.5"

I am a classically trained artist who has been teaching drawing and painting related classes since 2008 at art colleges, such as Laguna College of Art and Design and California State University, Long Beach. I take enormous pride in having had the chance to assist hundreds of students in their artistic evolution and would be honored in supporting your growth, too.​​

Carolin Peters in her studio

"Old Snow Schnee von Gestern"(diptych); oil on canvas; 60" x 90"

To see more of Carolin's work, please visit her website at:

About Cura Studios

Located in the city of Orange, Cura Studios is a learning center and community hub for artists who love to draw. Whether art is your profession, vocation, or guilty pleasure we're here to help you stay productive, inspired and connected to your tribe.  At Cura Studios we believe our creativity is the quintessential ingredient for a fulfilled life. We therefore strive to help you realize your creative aspirations, by offering classes that keep your skills sharp and connect you to a community of inspiring peers. We believe these key ingredient help artists to grow and do their best work, regardless if you're a beginner or a pro.  ​​ Cura: lat. to look on with care; means of healing

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