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Artist's Post - Aleksandra Karpowicz

Artist Statement:

Having spent most of my life moving around, I have learned that every person has their own story that goes beyond borders. This human diversity is the basis for my art, in which people are liberated to reveal their deepest self. In my photography, performance, or filmmaking, I often collaborate with multiple volunteers, from a variety of social backgrounds, to equalize ideas. So far, 500 participants have been involved in my work. I see my art as a platform of expression for other people and myself; a platform that empowers us all. This unveils harsh truths, signs of human fragility, and moments of raw beauty. 

Capturing emotions is a center of my work. This immersion in the stories of strangers serves to show other perspectives, and to discover how society can be reconsidered to benefit every single human. I put myself within many projects to engage in a personal experiment with the themes and experiences of the other participants. My goal is to show the power of the individual and their will – to manifest a less polarized world, where everyone is tolerated for who they really are. 

I like to challenge the societal taboos – not with an agenda, but affection; to learn, to analyze, and ultimately to understand. I often question traditional ideologies, institutions and belief systems, which restrain people from their personal growth. I consider homogenous and exclusive communities as an obstruction for the humanity to utilize its full potential.

From a female perspective, I analyze people through psychology, science, philosophy and spirituality. My art is also a product of my personal beliefs: The world thirsts desperately for universal themes of diversity, tolerance, and love. It strives for a new human identity, which can replace the identity based on nationality, religion, race, social background or sexual orientation. We confront this human experience as individuals who are part of a single beating pulse of energy. We are all equal; we are all one.


Multidisciplinary artist based in London, working primary with a medium of video, photography and performance. She is a double winner of the National Open Art Competition UK for her project ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ & selected for the Women of the Future Awards in the Arts & Culture category. Believing in empowerment, after her nomination she became an Ambassador of the Women of the Future Network providing female school sixth-formers with mentoring.

Her ground-breaking project ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ took 3 years of work where she interviewed and photographed a great diversity of 300 people representing different age, genders, sexual orientations, races, backgrounds and religions. The interviews prior to the photography sessions became basis for her first film ‘Definition of Sex’ presenting 8 out of 300 stories. 

Her three-channel film ‘Body as Home’ has been selected as a flagship project of GAD, a new district in Venice dedicated to contemporary art.

Aleksandra has been regularly exhibiting her work in various countries, including UK: The Royal College of Art, The Science Museum, Houses of Parliament Westminster, D Contemporary Gallery & Berkeley Square, Austria: A group show at Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art ( next to Marina Abramovic ) Betty Tompkins and Gilbert & George, Italy: Giudecca Art District and The Castello Gallery, South Africa: Youngblood Arts.

Her work has been published in a number of international media including: BBC, BBC Arts, FT, Forbes, State/F22 Magazine (cover feature ), DAZED, Art Newspaper, Vogue, Artnet, Art Forum, Yahoo, It’s nice that, Artlyst, Artnews, Contemporary Lynx, K-Mag, Elle, La Vanguardia, Third Magazine, Art Collections, La Republica, After Nyne, Culture Whisper, Elephant, Wallpaper*, El Pais, etc. 

Aleksandra’s artwork resides in collections across 4 continents including the Alain Servais Family Collection, Modern Forms Collection, Youngblood Arts & Culture Development, David & Karen Brush Collection.

She is a co-founder of October Collective, a female-led movement advocating representation and celebration of human potential. The collective launched in Venice during 58th Venice Biennale with its internationally acclaimed performance ‘Rhythm of Dissent.

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