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Red Hot Wicked (2018) - International Guest Artist - Aleksandra Karpowicz

Aleksandra will be screening her film "Definition of Sex" at Studio C Gallery on the following dates:

(Running time: 45 min)

- Saturday, February 10th, 8 - 8:45pm

- Saturday, March 3rd -- TBA



Aleksandra Karpowicz is a London-based artist. Her entire work is inspired by her fascination with people and human nature. Her approach aims to reassert the beauty in the human form. She uses the female gaze to challenge wider concerns about the representation of bodies. Human physicality, sexuality, and identity in today’s mass-media age inspire her projects. Aleksandra seeks to depict difference across a wide social spectrum. She works against the current trend of unnatural digital manipulation of the body that supports mass media’s tendency to perpetuate one “ideal” form. The art she produces necessitates a dialogue that can allow for a wider acceptance of diversity and equality.

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