• Peggy Nichols / Studio C Gallery Director

SHIBATA, Tomoaki A Donut Tail / Solo Exhibition

Studio C Gallery is proud to announce A Donut Tail, a Solo Exhibition by SHIBATA, Tomoaki.

A Donut Tail is an exhibition of abstract, cartoon and comic taste paintings.

SHIBATA is a Japan-based artist, currently living in L.A., for a designated time.

He is the gallery's first male Japanese Artist exhibiting since the gallery was opened in 2013.

A Donut Tail will feature a selection of collective paintings in which the artist employs Japanese painting skills and artistic intelligence of Japanese cartoonish taste. SHIBATA gets his inspiration form ordinary phenomenon, especially in person, that he sees in daily life.

He depicts the ones closet in proximity. For example, the black pug and Russian Blue mix cat are depicted by SHIBATA's ordinary life. In addition, individuals who appear in his paintings are also a point of view of SHIBATA's life. An experimental composition is part of the painting process that the artist uses in expressing his work.

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 25th 2016 6:00 to 9:00 PM

Exhibition will run thru Sunday July 10th

Gallery Hours: Wed. Noon to 6 pm

Weekends: Saturday & Sunday, Noon to 4 pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, by appointment only.

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