Bareback: Symmetry in Motion, An Equine Exhibition 


Opening Reception: 6:00-9:00PM, Saturday September 30th

Special Equine Performance by Athos and Samira Nowparast—horse and rider, with projected video with sound by Gilda Nowparast

Opening Night Raffle:


Two Opportunity Baskets will be available for raffle on the Opening Reception on Saturday, Sept. 30th. 

The raffle tickets will be $25 per person, and may be purchased in cash or with credit card.

Participants must leave contact information (names and email addresses).

Winners will be announced by email the next business day.

Sponsor information:


Our exhibition supports the two pioneering non-profit horse rescue and equine therapies organizations: Wild Horse Sanctuary and Dream Catcher of Los Angeles, and is sponsored by the following businesses: Tagaras, Sudsource, Butter Cake Shoppe, and Full City Rooster.

Wild Horse San...

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